A HITA tájékoztatója – Information about HITA
2012-03-29 14:00:00
Established by the Hungarian government, the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency – HITA commenced its operation as of 2011 January 1. The task of the Agency on the one hand is to encourage foreign companies to invest in Hungary, and on the other hand to support the foreign trade activity of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. HITA is a central agency working under the direction of the Minister for National Economy and an independently operating budgetary institution with its own financial management.

The Agency aims to enhance investor confidence and promote investments primarily in economically disadvantaged areas. Contributing to increased employment, one of the key priorities of the new government programme, by strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises is an aim of utmost importance to the Agency.

The work of the Agency’s central office in Budapest is complemented by six regional branch offices and an international foreign trade professional diplomatic network, which, with their local knowledge and network of contacts support HITA’s investment and export promotion activities.

The President and Vice President General of the Agency are Erzsébet Dobos and Dr. György Kerekes, respectively.

Web: www.hita.hu

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