FF-Automation complete solution for M2M
2012-10-19 10:30:00
FF-Automation's ControlMan™ complete monitoring and controlling solution for M2M and RTU projects.

With FF-Automation's ControlMan complete monitoring and controlling solution you can remotely monitor and control your machines which are located in  remote areas or different countries. FF-Automation is specialized to design and manufacture M2M solutions for our clients. We have designed and manufactured our Autolog products since 1976 and today you enjoy latest communication methods like GSM/GPRS , TETRA, Radio etc. There is thousands pumping stations in Water SCADA sector today using FF-Automation's solutions. Typical customers are also Machine builders , Oil and Gas companies etc.

Please send us your questions and inquiries regarding your remote monitoring and controlling needs!

FF-Automation has a brand new solution for liquid level remote monitoring. WirelessProbe™ is good for tanks and storages cas it has a various tank form and volume calculation presets, flexible alarm generation algorythms and level measurements in cubic meters and percents.

Seamless integration with our well-known ControlMan™ cloudSCADA service.
Pumping station application is a typical example how customers are nowadays using GSM-RTUs when controlling pumps which are widely spreaded all over the places. Typical set-up  GSM-RTU is controlling 1-4 pumps.
SAVE ENERGY AND STRESS OF SUBSTATIONS AND TRANSFORMERS. Saving electricity also redude stress of the electricity networks. FF-Automation has GSM-RTUs for Street Light monitoring and controlling - projects . Please send your inquiry regarding your electricity saving needs !
FF-Automation's Autolog ControlMan™ benefits for clients:
  • Small investment costs. You pay set-up fee for ControlMan™ server. Additionally you PO GSM-RTU for each site / machines. After Installations you are using normal PC with Internet connection as to remotely monitor and control your equipments / machines located in remote areas / distributed in different places.
  • GSM-RTU are using GSM- and Internet- networks.
  • Customer can add & remotely change parameters / application softwares in remote places remotely via system - no need to go sites !
  • When customer wants to add more GSM-RTUs it is very cost effective with "copy-paste" feature. Forexample if you have 5 machines on sites which you want remotely monitor and control and you want to add 500 machines more you just PO respective amount of GSM-RTUs for each machines and no need to pay additional costs for ControlMan set-ups. You just pay usage fee per GSM-RTU per month.
  • Easy to use -- FF-Automation will help customer to use system so customer will learn quickly how to add & control GSM-RTUs via ControlMan.
  • Distributed information -- Client can give different usage levels (Superuser, Customer, Client etc.) so customer can choose to whom give access for system. Forexample if you are rental company and renting machines you can equip each machine with GSM-RTU and then get benebits when sharing information among customers.
  • Management can see what is happening in house via the system and use valuable information in decision making process.
  • Cell phones, e-mails etc. can be linked so that all important alarms / info will be sended to the right persons.
  • FF-Automation Oy is designing and manufacturing complete monitoring and controlling systems for applications where is needed remote monitoring and control.
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