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2015-09-03 18:00:00
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LTE World Summit in Amsterdam brought first half of 2015 to a thrilling conclusion. Over 3,500 attendees and 150+ exhibitors met in Amsterdam, with discussions ranging from LTE services such as VoLTE, RAN optimisation and the road to 5G. We also announced that the Summit will be known as 5G World in 2016, and will move to London. However, the year is far from over for LTE World Series, and we have a lot to look forward to at some of the key global events. LTE Voice Summit in September, LTE Asia and Africa (October and November) and LTE North America in Dallas next November will bring the discussion around LTE networks and deployments to all the corners of the world before the holidays.


Interview Zone

Exculsive Interview with Jawad Arshad, Assistant Manager Strategic Partnerships, Verticals and Digital Services at China Mobile

Ahead of LTE Asia Summit, taking place in Singapore this October I interviewed Jawad Arshad, Assistant Manager Strategic Partnerships, Verticals and Digital Services at China Mobile. Jawad's work is focused on developing partnerships between OTTs and operators. I wanted to find out what role he thinks operators can play in the OTT ecosystem.

"Operators can play an important role since they possess some major strengths including customers, devices and technology infrastructure." He aid, "Initially most of the operators have tried to block OTT players but that direction has not worked well and operators had to adopt a collaborative approach rather being resistive...

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Guest Blog Zone

Bringing LTE Network Performance Monitoring to the Subscriber Level

This guest blog post was written by Affandy Johan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, InfoVista

As of March 2015, LTE network coverage is now available for 98% of Americans, up from just over half of the U.S population in 2011. Worldwide, 124 countries now have LTE coverage, with another 18 scheduled to roll out LTE this year...

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The Capacity Hiding in Your LTE Macro Cell Sites

This guest blog post was written by Philip Sorrells, VP of Strategic Marketing, CommScope.

A fact of modern day wireless networks is that operations have to continue adding capacity to meet subscriber demand. Cooper's Law states that the maximum number of voice or data sessions that can be supported over a given area doubles every 30 months...

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Optimizing the Mobile Network for Special Events

Guest post written by Amdocs.

Special events post daunting challenges for service providers. When tens of thousands of people congregate in a small setting, a significant load is obviously put on mobile networks. In fact, we've seen traffic surges of up to 10 gigabytes per hour at stadiums. In certain instances, the influx of a large number of subscribers into a city to attend live events, combined with a general rise in chatter from city inhabitants about the event, can increase network demand across the entire city by 20 percent...

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The Red Pill...

Experiencing the soothing hum of routers, switches and servers at the NOC, one imagines the green flashing lights assuring us all is well with the world 'out there' - the core, backhaul and RAN fully operational...keeping us clam and centered in our work. We know our job is done and we admonish any unbelievers with a stern, confident voice. When the customer support team calls in a panic because they have been flooded with customer complaints telling us the network isn't working in the city, we smile and let them know they can stop worrying now, the NOC is fully operation and all systems are go. Then we sign and hang up the phone on them when their tone of voice becomes, well, less than professional. 

Christian Rouffaert is the marketing director of Teragence, a network customer experience benchmarking business and the winner of the LTE World Summit's Innovation Accelerator award. For more information about Teragence, please send an email to or go to our website

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Going over the top: How to play nice with the vast and growing number of new players as a service provider

This guest post was written by Andy Cocks, CTO, Dimension Data (Asia Pacific)

Over-the-top (OTT) content and service providers that monetise traditional service providers' infrastructure - fixed and mobile infrastructure in which these operators have invested heavily - are shaking things up in an already competitive market. 

OTTs are using software-defined networking and virtualisation to reap the benefits of the infrastructure and access networks of bigger players - with great success. The new forces in play are gaining a lot more awareness from traditional service providers...

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Leaving a lasting legacy - 4G/5G Progress?

This guest post was written by Mike Hooper, Head of Sales at Eirteic

June is typically a very busy month, with a number of exhibitions to be attended. This year Eirteic attended TM Forum Live! in Nice and LTE World Summit in Amsterdam. The events created some interesting thoughts about how things are progressing around subjects such as: SDN, NFV, SON and 5G.

Given that we are 5 years since the first 4G rollout and 5 years from a 5G roll out, it got me thinking about how we are progressing with the management of LTE. THe rollout is happening but how are we managing it? Service Providers are still using legacy platforms such as IBM Netcoll and HP TeMIP...

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