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Dear Members


This is a busy time of year for the Association. Preparing for CCW this year in Hong Kong and concluding the formalities of the AGM CCW take a huge amount of time and effort. Despite that the Association is involved in many other activities some of which are highlighted here.


CEO recruitment


Phil Kidner is CEO of the TCCA, the global representative organisation for the critical communications industry. He has indicated to the TCCA Board that, after ten years as CEO, he is looking to retire in the medium to long term future.


This notice enables the Board to conduct a thorough process to ensure the best possible replacement is found to continue leading the work of the TCCA. Phil’s indication to the Board is not intended as a public announcement. Until such time as the Board has confirmed the appointment of new CEO, Phil remains the head of the Association and it is business as usual.


If your organisation has a candidate to propose, or wishes to recommend someone, then please contact the TCCA Chairman Mladen Vratonjic at: or Vice chairman Malcolm Quelch, at  The deadline for applications to be received is Friday 28th April 2017.


TCCA Board February 2017


The TCCA Board held its first meeting of the year on the 28th February and 1st March 2017 in Malta.


In addition to its normal business of receiving reports of the working groups and regional forums, and reviewing the financial position of the Association, the Board reviewed its ongoing strategy.


The minutes of the meeting will be published on the website.


FirstNet International Forum


The Association was pleased to be represented at the FirstNet International Forum which took place in Reston, Virginia. US on 16th March 2017. Colleagues from Canada, Australia, South Korea, Finland, Sweden and the UK also attended.


The forum was designed to share information amongst the participants and find ways of improving collaboration.


This is a welcomed development for the future of critical communications globally.


OUA meeting March 2017


OUA2017-M1 was held in Oslo, Norway in the premises of DSB, department NBK (previously DNK) on Tuesday 14th March 2017 chaired by Jan Ingolf Helseth and hosted by DSB

OUA Terms of Reference

There has been discussions involving the OUA, other working groups, other interested parties and the TCCA Board regarding the terms of reference of the OUA. Following these discussions it is proposed to extend the group to incorporate both TETRA and broadband user issues. Updated terms of reference will be presented to the next Board meeting.


Other topics

The following topics were discussed by OUA and some transferred to the Joint OUATF the next day.

International E2EE

Concatenated FLASH-SDS

ISI Norway and Sweden

ISI IP connection requirements

Callout Phase 3

E2EE Clear Voice Override (CVO)

Enhanced DGNA Management

Location Reporting of Migrated Mobile Station

Individual Call Disconnect Causes

Assistance Call

Registration and Addressing of DM-MS Operating over a Gateway

Location Reporting from a Temporarily Disabled Mobile Station

ISI Phase 4


The Feature Priority list was also discussed and commented upon. These comments were prepared for the OUATF meeting.


OUA and TF joint meeting 2017


Chairman’s report

OUATF17 #22 was held in Oslo in the premises of DSB, department NBK (previously DNK) on Tuesday 15th March 2017, 09.00 to 17.00, chaired by Jan Ingolf Helseth and hosted by DSB.

Eleven persons participated in the meeting and six persons call in to attend particular subjects.


1                  Meeting summary

The OUATF17 #22 had several issues on the agenda. The areas covered was the following.


1.1       Service Overviews.

Eighteen SO’s was up for discussion.

The Feature Priority List was assessed, status updated and some priorities changed.


1.2       Working Group Reports

Five Working Groups presented their reports.

Jukka Vialen (Airbus) presented the ISI WG report

Clive Rodmell (Sepura) presented the V+D WG report over phone

Paola Criscione (Leonardo) presented the DMO WG report over phone

PEI WG report was noted. The report was presented by the Chair Nick Smye in TF#85.

Hannu Aronsson (Sepura) presented the APPS WG report over phone.

No report from the TEDS WG as no activity takes place. This WG will be closed down.


1.3       Issues for Resolution

The following subjects was discussed under this point;

Air to Ground Distance Reporting

Throttling of LIP and Data Traffic in Foreign Network

ISI IP connection requirements


1.4       AOB (Any Other Business)

OUA Terms of Reference. Jurgen & Jan presented the OUA proposal for extended area of interest.

Discussion stated that interfaces between TCCA WG’s and TCCA external interfaces must be agreed.

New dedicated OUATF webpage on TCCA website. It was agreed to establish OUATF webpage.

In general, this was a good meeting. My opinion is that the number of participants was too low.


TF March 2017


The Technical Forum meeting #85 was held on 16 March 2017 in Oslo, Norway kindly hosted by DSB (former DNK).

Together with the WG chairs the meeting reviewed the TF Working Group reports. A number of change requests, either approved or in approval, were reviewed as well.


The TF decided (on request of the TEDS WG) to close the TEDS WG. All FPL items related to TEDS have been finalized. TEDS related work will from now on only be done in the V+D WG which can access the TEDS experts in case they need their expertise.


The V+D WG proposed on how to test GSDM (Graceful Service Degradation Mode) for Callout and feedback from OUA was asked.


SFPG has updated Recommendation 04 to accommodate BDBOS concerns.


BDBOS does not see a Disable PEI TGI necessary anymore. We are waiting for OUA to confirm archiving of this FPL item.


After the APPS WG presented the draft SO for the Over-The-Air change of technical parameters, phonebook and status message mnemonics and a discussion on how to proceed, the OUA members in the OUATF meeting informed that the FPL items will be archived.


The IOP Test Engineers Workshop will be held 4-5 April 2017 in Rome at ISCOM office.


The ISCOM Performance Review Meeting will be held on 20 April 2017 and manufacturers were asked for inputs for the meeting.


The next TF#86 meeting will be on 13-14 June 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This will be a stand-alone TF meeting without an accompanying OUATF meeting. The next OUATF meeting is planned for October 2017.



Participants of the TF#85 meeting in Oslo, Denmark.



TCCA Board members


The call for nominations for TCCA Board members has now closed. Thank you for your interest. There will not be a need for a Members vote this year.



Recommendation 04 – Implementation and Use of Security Features


The TCCA Security and Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG) has finished edition 4 of Recommendation 04 – Implementation and Use of Security Features – and asks TCCA Members to comment on it prior to it being published.

Within the TETRA standard a large number of security features have been specified. The use of these features is optional and the standard does not describe how these features can be used and implemented. The objective of Recommendation 04 is to explain these security features, how they work, and when they should be used.


If you wish to receive a copy of the draft Recommendation, please send an email to the Secretary of the SFPG at Copies will be distributed on CD-ROM after the signing of a non-disclosure agreement. 


Any comments are required by the 1st May 2017.


CCBG March 2017


CCBG newsbyte


TCCA CCBG plenary #15 took place in Telford, UK on the 22nd and 23rd March co-located with BAPCO conference. The Key topic was to agree on objectives for 2017-2019.

Following Task forces were agreed:

Mobile Operator engagement: White paper on what critical communications means for mobile operators, lead Tapio Savunen, Airbus

Business Critical sector: Demand aggregation, lead TCCA Transport Group Robin Davis

Market awareness increasing: Document activities that TCCA marketing group could take over, lead Iain Ivory, Hermitage Comms

TETRA-LTE interworking and migration: Scoping task of follow-up activities, lead Sami Honkaniemi, Mentura Group

Legal restrictions preventing optimal use of Broadband service: Find funding instrument to conduct joint PSC-E and TCCA study on identifying restrictions, lead Manfred Blaha, PSC-E and Phil Kidner, TCCA

Critical Communications Broadband testing and certification: Find a way how mission critical features are tested and certified whilst minimising cost to industry, lead Harald Ludwig, TCCA Technical Forum

TCCA technology roadmap: Update TCCA technology roadmap, lead Tero Pesonen, CCBG

Technical operational management of critical broadband service: White paper on key topics related to critical broadband technical operation, lead Marc Balliet

3GPP work: Propose how CCBG could remain informed in activities in various 3GPP working groups (beyond SA and RAN-plenaries and SA6), lead Noel Kirkaldy, Nokia

3GPP work: Propose way forward how CCBG could form a view on 5G feature priorisation, lead Noel Kirkaldy, Nokia


TCCA members are called to volunteer to contribute these topics.


In the field of applications it was agreed to seek to have an experience sharing day collocated, if possible, with PSRG October meeting. Hannu Aronsson, TCCA Applications Working Group leads the preparations


Next CCBG meeting will take place in October 2017 exact time and place are currently open – before that a Master Class in Critical Communications World 2017




Annual General Meeting 2017


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the:
TETRA MoU Association Limited (operating as the TCCA)


Shall take place in the Asia World Expo, Hong Kong, China at 4.00 pm local time on Wednesday the 17th May 2017 for the purpose of conducting the business included in the draft agenda. Copies of the draft Agenda, Resolutions and supporting document, and a copy of the draft minutes from the 2016 AGM are available on the website at: 


Any Member having additional business which they wish the meeting to consider, is invited to submit details, in writing, before Monday the 8th May 2017.


The final agenda and associated papers will be circulated during the week commencing 8th May 2017.


Members should note that this is a Members only meeting. Members attending the meeting are asked to register their attendance at the door from 3.30 pm.


Whilst Members are welcome to send more than one representative, only one voting card for each member organisation will be issued. Only the representative in receipt of that card will be able to vote.


Members who are unable to attend may appoint a Proxy in accordance with the Articles of Association. Proxy notices may specify how the proxy appointed under them is to vote (or that the proxy is to abstain from voting) on one or more resolutions. Unless a proxy notice indicates otherwise, it will be treated as:
(a) allowing the person appointed under it as a Proxy discretion as to how to vote on any ancillary or procedural resolutions put to the meeting, and
(b) appointing that person as a Proxy in relation to any adjournment of the general meeting to which it relates as well as the meeting itself.
In order to appoint a Proxy the Member must give notice to the Chairman, in writing, before the meeting commences. The notice must include the following:

  1. states the name of the Member appointing the proxy;
    (b) identifies the person appointed to be that Member’s Proxy and the general meeting in relation to which that person is appointed;

    (c) bears the signature of or on behalf of the Member appointing the Proxy.


The notice maybe revoked by the Member, also in writing to the Chairman, before the meeting commences.


Members will not be entitled to participate in any vote if any monies owing to the company remain overdue.





Both the Chairman and the CEO attended IWCE this year.

We moderated a session titled North America TETRA update where a number of Members presented and participated as panelists to a small but interested audience.


Peter Hudson Sepura presents


The Association had a stand in the large and busy exhibition area. Several Members also exhibited. There remains a lot of interest in TETRA.


Chatting to Paul Davis at the TCCA stand


The CEO moderated a round table discussion on the progress of TETRA in the US. The Chairman also participated. This will be published in TETRA Today in the near future.


The CEO also attended the NPSTC meeting and provided an update on developments in Europe and elsewhere.



Other events


The TCCA is supporting the following two events:


EENA conference Budapest Hungary 5-7 April 2017


Security & Counter Terror Expo London, UK on 3-4 May – Members who wish to attend can receive a 20% discount


The next TCCA event is CCW 16-18 May 2017 in Hong Kong



In the Press

Media activity:

We are working with the TCCA-China Society to create publicity around their work and the critical communications market in China, to coincide with CCW17. I would like to thank the TCCA-CS for their proactivity and support.


In March, the TCCA issued two press releases:


13 March – TCCA welcomes professional and critical PTT 4G expertise from new member, Spanish company Genaker


17 March – TCCA welcomes EU approval for mobile broadband at 700 MHz


Media opportunities:


Radio Resource International: The TCCA will be providing a feature on critical communications in the transport industry, covering global markets. The deadline for contributions is May 17. Please contact if you would like to contribute.


 In the news:

02 March 2017 - PSCR receives 175 proposals in response to $30 million program to fund communications research

08 March 2017 – 3GPP RAN Elects New Chair


13 March 2017 – Genaker joins TCCA


13 March 2017 – Spanish 4G PTT company Genaker joins TCCA


13 March 2017 – TCCA welcomes professional and critical PTT 4G expertise from new member, Spanish company Genaker


14 March 2017 – Genaker 4G expertise welcomed by TCCA


17 March 2017 – Court Rules in Favor of FirstNet in Protest Case


17 March 2017 – TCCA welcomes EU approval for mobile broadband at 700 MHz


17 March 2017 – European Parliament Decision Makes 700 MHz Available for Broadband


17 March 2017 – TCCA Welcomes EU Approval for Mobile Broadband at 700 MHz


20 March 2017 – Mobile broadband at 700 MHz receives EU approval


23 March 2017 – FCC Reforms 800 MHz Rules, Says Public-Safety Safeguards in Place


24 March 2017 – Copenhagen calling


28 March 2017 – FirstNet Passes Resolution to Finalize Contract for Nationwide Public Safety Contract


March-April 2017 Critical Comms magazine


 30 March 2017 – AT&T Wins FirstNet Nationwide Public Safety LTE Contract


Want to know what’s happening next?

See the TCCA calendar at:


Contact details:

14 Blandford Square

Please contact Deborah on or +44 191 231 4328 for your routine enquiries.

Kind regards,




Phil Kidner Chief Executive


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