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2013-01-23 16:10:00
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In this newsletter:


News from the TETRA Association



TCCA Board

9th and 10th April 2013
London, UK

Apps Working Group

Conference Calls


30th January 2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


12th to 14th March 2013
Sophia Antipolis, France

Marketing Group

29th January 2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


19th and 20th February 2013
Driebergen, The Netherlands

Radio Spectrum Group

When required

Transport Group

To be confirmed

SCADA, Power Grid and Telemetry Group

22nd January 2013


March 2013
Florence, Italy



14th February 2013
Brussels, Belgium



19th to 21st March 2013
Vienna, Austria


Introduction from Phil Kidner

Happy New Year - it seems like a long time ago now !

The TCCA Board held its first meeting of the year last week and you will see the multitude of other Working Groups meeting over the next few weeks.

Why don't you get involved? I know it's not always easy with your many other commitments, travel and language but all of the group Chairs would really value your input and try and make it as easy as possible to participate.

The more you put into, the more you will get out !

Kind Regards

Phil Kidner

Chief Executive


TCCA Board

The TCCA Board had its first meeting of the year in Nice, France.

The main focus of the meeting was to reviewe the Association's Strategy for 2013 onwards.  The current strategy document is published on the website and this was the beginning point for the review.  Some changes need to be agreed by the Board  before an updated strategy is published.

The Board reviewed the draft 2012 financial report and agreed a budget for 2013.

It received reports from the working groups and regional forums.

Tero Pesonen has stepped down from the Board.  I would like to thank him for his significant contributions to the work of the Association.

This creates a Casual vacancy on the Board.  The Board has decided that it will be filled by Ali Helenius representing Cassidian.  He does so until May 2013 when he must put himself forward for election by Members.

The minutes of this meeting will be available in the Members' area of the website.

Working Groups


SFPG held their meeting on 15 and 16 January at ETSI Sophia Antipolis.

ME-comments on the final draft edition 6 of Recommendation 02 'End-to-End Encryption' were agreed and incorporated.  The relative companies will be informed that, unless further comments are received, edition 6 will be issued at the end of January.

Updated drafts of Recommendation 05 'Secure Cross Border TETRA Operation' and Recommendation 08, edition 3 'Using a Universal SIM Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) in TETRA' were discussed.  The technical comments will be incorporated and further addressed at the next meeting.

The TF had sent a liaison statement to SFPG on the initiative to specify a TIP and TP for E2EE on an SC based on the BDBOS's solution.  The goal is to bring E2EE-SC under the domain of TCCA, SFPG is willing to undertake this work but stressed that an international TCCA approved solution must be compliant with the SFPG Recommendations, especially Recommendation 02 on End-to-End Encryption and Recommendation 08 on the use of an UICC in TETRA.

Following a question from the TCCA Board SFPG commented on an article claiming that LTE is vulnerable.  More time would be needed to study the issues in detail but SFPG thought that if an LTE system is used in addition to a core TETRA system, the TETRA System will provide resilient communications.

The rules for management of TEA2, including an installer, repairer and destruction type licence, were approved.  The updated rules will be sent to SAGE.

SFPG identified the subjects to address at the TWC Security Seminar in May.  The programme will be sent to IIR.  Presenters will volunteer before the next meeting.

TETRA in China

I was delighted to be invited to attend the 10th Anniversary of the Beijing JustTop network earlier this month and congratulate them on their successes.

Whilst I was there I had meetings with the China Trunking Forum, our Hong Kong based "China Ambassador" and others.  I also spent an hour being interviewed by the technical press.  Our latest TETRA versus DMR paper has been translated into Chinese and features on the front cover of one of these publications.

It is clear that PDT and other technologies manufactured in China will continue present stiff competition to TETRA but I was pleased to hear of a number of significant TETRA contracts.

Like everywhere else, there is much talk of LTE.  It appears that we will see the first implementations of LTE being implemented in 1.4 Ghz in parts of the country.  It is unclear to me whether this will be able to support critical communications requirements.

The Association continues to work with our colleagues around the world to ensure that a standardised solution is found for all critical communications users.











Association Events 2013

Details of all events in which the Association has an interest are listed in the Events Zone of our website This list includes all of the latest information relating to each event for Association events, Registration.

Together with the North American TETRA Forum, two events are being planned in Canada.

On the 23rd of April in Montreal

On the 25th April in Toronto

Details of how you can participate will be sent to all Members in the near future.

Other events

IWCE 2013

The following information has been provided by the organisers of this event.  The Association in partnership with the North American TETRA Forum is organising a workshop and other presentations.  It also has an exhibition stand.  You will always be able to find the latest information on the website at

TCCA members are participating at IWCE 2013... you should be too!

IWCE 2013

Exhibits: March 13-14

Conference: March 11-15

Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

IWCE Connects the Working World to Mobile Voice, Video and Data Solutions.

Over 7,500 technology buyers from a diverse group of industry  professionals from utilities, transportation, construction, manufacturing and other enterprises gather together at IWCE to see the latest in effective and efficient communications systems.  IWCE provides the foundation for the technology, operations, engineering and governance for your communications technology networks systems services.

Here's a sample of some of the companies that are involved in TETRA technologies that are exhibiting at IWCE 2013:

Damm Cellurlar Systems







Radio IP

In addition, several conference discussions are dedicated to TETRA!

Using TETRA to generate business benefits

Implementing TETRA in Utilities and Transportation

Comparing Digital Technologies for Critical Infrastructure (English)

Comparando technologias digitales - Elija sus comunicaciones de proxima generacion
(Spanish and Portuguese)

Multi-Site, Multi-Point and Multicast: Success Stories in Critical Infrastructure Deployments

Everything You Wanted to Know about TETRA in 60 Minutes (FREE)

Don't wait - Reserve your booth now to be part of the authoritative annual event for communications technology for the working world!

For more information on exhibiting:

If your company begins with A-K, contact Stephanie McCall at 913-981-6146.
If your company begins with L-Z, contact  Cathi O'Brien at 203-358-3715


APCO Australia 2013

The Association will be supporting the Australian TETRA Forum at APCO Australia on the 12th to 14th March 2013 in Adelaide, South Austalia.


Other events

The Association will be supporting the publishers of TETRA Today at their Wireless Communications for Business Expo 2013.  See  This event is being organised at the Silverstone race circuit in the UK on Thursday 28th March 2013.



The Association will again be offering its range of training courses 2013.

TETRAfirst, TETRAcomplete and TETRAsecurity  will all take place during the week of the 22nd April 2013 in London, United Kingdom.  Full details of these courses and all our training offerings can be found on the website at:

Courses are open to members and non members.  Members are offered discounted rates.

Full details, prices and Members' discounts can be found on the website at

Online training and adhoc courses delivered at your premises, are also offered by the Association.

For further information on any of these courses please email at



TETRA Today is now available online at and by clicking the TETRA Today link on our website

Not only will you be able to see the latest edition, and all of the previous editions, you will also be able to see the latest news and views from its readers.  I believe that this is a welcome addition to this excellent publication.

Members are encouraged to offer material for inclusion in future editions.  A Features List has been circulated to all Members and can be downloaded from the website in the Members Area - Members' Circulations

Please contact Beth Sharples with any proposals and contributions.


Membership Plaques

In addition to your membership certificate, the Association is again offering wall mounted membership plaques.  Below is the design of how they will look.  They are offered to you at the unchanged price of €33 plus plus postage.

Please note that they are for general membership and do not include the individual member's company name.

If you would like to purchase one or more, then please send your requirements to


Benchmark Communications

Elspeth Lawson is the Benchmark senior manager that provides Management services tothe Association


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That primary contact is listed in our membership records and is provided with a user name and password to access the Members' area of the website.

The primary contact can share this and other communications with their colleagues but needs to forward it to them.  They will not receive it directly.

The primary contact can also provide colleagues with additional user names and passwords which also enable them to access the Members' area.

Please check that you are the correct person to be the primary contact.  If not, please contact us with the details of who is at


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Please contact Deborah on for your routine enquiries.


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