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European Commission Consultation on Connectivity

The European Commission has launched an exploratory consultation to gather views on the potential developments of the connectivity sector and its infrastructure. Based on the outcome of the consultation, the Commission will consider the most appropriate actions for the future of the electronic communications sector. All interested companies, organisations or individuals are invited to complete the survey.


IWCE 2023 – 27-30 March, Las Vegas

Board vice chair and chair of CCBG Tero Pesonen, TCCA CEO Kevin Graham and our Technical Forum chair Harald Ludwig are currently at IWCE, promoting TCCA and the work of its members and partners – full conference details are here. There are many TCCA members at the event – if you are at the event, please support their presentations and take the time to visit their booths in the exhibition.

EENA Conference and Exhibition 2023 – 19-21 April, Ljubljana

TCCA will have a stand at the EENA event to spotlight the work of TCCA members, and we will be presenting on Mission Critical Communications on 20 April – conference details are here. We look forward to seeing you in Slovenia.

ETSI FRMCS Plugtests™ – 3-7 July 2023, Paris, France

Registration for the ETSI FRMCS#3 Plugtests, taking place from 3-7 July 2023 in Paris, France is now open.
Any questions should be directed to  The deadline for registering is 28 April 2023.

BAPCO 2023

We attended and presented at BAPCO 2023, giving an update on the development of critical broadband networks around the world. We look forward to welcoming BAPCO to TCCA’s Partners’ Area at CCW in May.

Our session participants are pictured above, from left: Renaud Mellies, Head of International Cooperation, Standardization and Innovation, RRF Programme, French Ministry of Interior; Travis Hull, User Experience Domain Lead within the Roadmap Development Division at the First Responder Network Authority; Christophe Grégoire, Directeur des operations, ASTRID; Nina Myren, TCCA Board member (DSB); Mladen Vratonjić, TCCA Board Chair; Ari Toivonen, Development Manager, Erillisverkot; Tero Pesonen, TCCA Board vice-chair and chair, CCBG.
Working Group Reports

Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG)

Report from chair Tero Pesonen
3GPP update: 3GPP plenaries #99 took place from 20-24 March in Rotterdam. The SA and CT working groups elected new chairs. Janeet Punet from Intel was elected to chair SA (stages 1 and 2) and Peter Schmitt from Huawei was elected to chair CT (stage 3). The other extensive discussion was the 3GPP Release 19 timeline – the debate continues, but content prioritisation needs to be prepared now to be able to defend it in the next plenary in June.

From left: New CT chair Peter Schmitt, Huawei; RAN chair Wanshi Chen, Qualcomm; new SA chair Janeet Punet, Intel
CCBG task forces:
The ‘APIs to facilitate Mission Critical client device integration’ white paper was approved in the last TCCA board meeting. Stay tuned for publication.
The Critical Update Spectrum webinar with Luz Fernández del Rosal and Noel Kirkaldy is scheduled for 27 April – details earlier in this newsletter, and here.
The Mission Critical Broadband Callout Service Overview is finalised. The intention is to send it to 3GPP SA6 and CT1 for review to ensure it is in-line with the 3GPP MCData standard specifications. This activity is led by Hans Petter Naper, DSB
Call for interest – Public Safety Operator Broadband field experience – task force
As broadband services are being taken into use and being tested in real operational environment, also an array of various observations are likely to be made. It is probably right time to establish a  Public Safety operator task force to consolidate and address the observations in confidence and to discuss them as needed with representatives of the Mobile Network Operators as well as technology providers. Indicate your potential interest to
CCBG plenary #27 online: Reminder – CCBG plenary online 12-13 April. Reserve the time, register to participate and suggest agenda topics here.
Mission Critical Broadband Applications Task Force
 The online market survey launched on 20 March - a big thank you to those who have submitted responses so far. If you have not done so yet, please take 10 minutes to provide your valuable inputs to this important market survey. Please note that the survey deadline has been extended to 14 April to allow plenty of time for your responses.
Mission Critical High Power User Equipment (HPUE) Task Force
The online market survey ran from 20 February to 10 March with a good number of responses received. The task force is currently analysing the results and will communicate findings to the TCCA membership in the coming weeks - watch this space!

Legal and Regulatory Working Group (LRWG)

Report from chair Nina Myren
The LRWG had their third meeting this year on 15 March. On the agenda was the status of the ongoing work on availability and QPP, led by Martin Erhardt, BDBOS. The work is going well, with seven European government operators contributing. The goal is to have a white paper ready by CCW 23.  The topic has shown to be complex, and the white paper will discuss both regulatory needs as well as identified regulations that are working against our needs.
LRWG would like to reach out to the larger community of TCCA as part of the process. The ongoing work will therefore be presented for discussion at the CCBG-meeting on 12 April. We will also join the CCBG’s Focus Forum at CCW. Also at CCW, please join us at the panel discussion ‘Is success being prevented by regulations?’
The next LRWG meeting is scheduled for 17 April.  If you have any questions about LRWG and our work, please contact chair Nina Myren.

Security and Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG)

Chair – Trevor Evans
The SFPG has issued edition 1 of Recommendation 16 – Secure implementation of mission critical systems.
Within the 3GPP mission critical standards a large number of security features have been specified. The use of these features is optional. However, the 3GPP standards does not describe how these features can be used and implemented. The purpose of this document from the SFPG is to explain in detail how the mission critical security features may be used and address essential issues for their implementation. This document provides specific recommendations for the use and implementation of security features.
If you wish to receive a copy of the Recommendation, please email the SFPG secretary. Copies will be distributed after the signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

Technical Forum

Report from chair Harald Ludwig
The Technical Forum has updated the ‘List of TIP Features’ which is a publicly available document listing all TETRA features and sub-features which can be tested and certified according to the TETRA IOP Testing process. This document can be used to communicate to non-TCCA members the scope and coverage of the TCCA TETRA IOP testing and certification program. The new version v7 is available here.
The TF meeting #107 was held on 20 March 2023 as an online meeting, looking at the TF Working Groups activities.  The AIF WG is already working on implementing the new ETSI security algorithms into the TIPs, Test Plans and TIC-RTs. The effected specifications are the Authentication and Air Interface Encryption documents.
The ISI WG also has to do some (minor) adaptions of the ISI test documents, after ETSI has updated the ISI standards to accommodate the changes in the security algorithms.
There are two task forces in TCCA working on topics which have some connections to the TF work, the Callout and the Interworking (IWF) task forces. Callout is a feature which was specified for TETRA to provide alarms and task management information from the control room and acknowledgements from users, similar to two-way paging. The feature is currently specified to work over a broadband network as well. The IWF task force has created a Service Overview for the TETRA-MCX interworking function. Both service overviews were provided to TF for information.
Our Certification Body ISCOM reported on the arranged TETRA IOP Test Sessions for 2023. Three test sessions are arranged and announced and a fourth should be announced soon. ISCOM’s schedule is pretty busy until October 2023 with only a few available weeks for testing until then.
The IOP Test Engineers workshop will be held on 17-18 April 2023 in Rome, Italy.
The next TF#108 meeting will be a face-to-face meeting on 22 May 2023, the day before the CCW in Helsinki, Finland, with online participation possible.

TETRA Applications Group

Report from chair Hannu Aronsson
Join the TETRA Data Focus Forum workshop at CCW on Thursday 25 May. We will talk about the wide variety of TETRA data and application use cases, from public safety to transport and industrial automation. See how others in your industry get benefits from TETRA data. Learn and discuss with top TETRA data experts how you can benefit from TETRA as a mission critical data network.
Read the short articles on the wide range of TETRA data possibilities at

TETRA Industry Group (TIG)
Report from chair Francesco Pasquali
The TETRA Industry Group has recently taken important resolutions regarding the future promotion of TETRA technology which reflects a renovated and even increased commitment from the industries.
As far as the upcoming CCW 2023 (23-25 May in Helsinki) is concerned, the TIG will be arranging two connected conference sessions on Day #1 of the event, both entitled ‘TETRA: securing the next decade and beyond.’ The first session, in the morning, will offer a short high level headline introduction to the main Focus Forum session that will be held in the afternoon and will address key burning topics for TETRA future such as:
·         New TETRA encryption algorithms
·         Cyber resilience of TETRA networks
·         The way to broadband – Evolution or Migration?
·         Data Applications – TETRA or Broadband: does it matter?
·         TETRA…proven to just keep on working
The Focus Forum will also include a panel session on ‘TETRA and Broadband’ that will be a unique opportunity to directly listen from, pose question to and discuss with TETRA Industry representatives about the future of TETRA and the related critical communications evolution through broadband technologies.
Additionally, as a part of a longer term business and communication strategy, the TIG recently agreed to create a Marketing sub-group which will gather the marketing experts from all the TIG industry members with the aim to identify the main topics of interest, related priorities and relevant informative messages needed to inform the market about TETRA innovations and outstanding capabilities (e.g. in terms of security) as a still future-proof technology in the prime of its lifetime. The Marketing sub-group, which will be kicked-off in the next few weeks, will work in close co-operation with TCCA’s Marketing Director, through TCCA’s communication channels and in accordance with the TCCA Board Communication Strategy.
From the CEO
Another TCCA newsletter demonstrating the fantastic depth and breadth of engagement across our Working Groups and task forces. My sincere appreciation and thanks to the teams of individuals volunteering their time and expertise on important topic areas of common interest identified through input from across our global critical communications community. I encourage anyone interested in contributing and collaborating with peers from across the globe to make contact with the respective chairs or email
Congratulations to BAPCO for an extremely successful event earlier this month. We thank retiring president John Anthony for his service and the positive partnering he fostered during his tenure between our associations. Congratulations to Chris Lucas on his appointment as the new president.
We are pleased to be participating in IWCE Expo 2023 this week and the opportunity to exchange information with our North America colleagues, members and partner organisations.
Apart from CCW we have many more events in planning across the balance of 2023 and look forward to working with partners and members to capitalise on participation.
A blessed and happy month to those celebrating Ramadan and those observing Easter.
Take care all.
Kevin Graham
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