Critical Communications Today - September
2018-09-25 18:00:00
TCCA publishes white paper on PMR/LTE coexistence, Smart Mobile Labs joins TCCA


19 September 2018

Latest news
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   The Netherlands: C2000 migration delayed
The migration of C2000, the Netherland’s public safety operator, from its current TETRA network to a new one to be supplied by Hytera Mobilfunk, which was expected to take place in the autumn and be completed by the end of the year, has been delayed?....
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   TCCA publishes white paper on PMR/LTE coexistence
A white paper ‘TETRA Connectivity to LTE’ produced by TCCA’s TETRA Industry Group (TIG) provides an overview of the different approaches to enabling TETRA/LTE interworking, with several methods described. ...
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   DAMM opens new office in Brazil
DAMM Cellular Systems A/S has opened its new branch office in São Paulo, Brazil. The office will provide both solution support and commercial support for existing and new partners and customers throughout the region and its opening is part of a global strategy to strengthen DAMM’s local presence....
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   ESMCP publishes PIN for air to ground communications
The Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP) has published a prior information notice (PIN) to inform the future procurement of its Air to Ground (A2G), Aircraft Communications System (ACS) Project....
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   Smart Mobile Labs joins TCCA
German video technology company Smart Mobile Labs (SML), which focuses on real-time many-to-many video, voice and data transmissions, has joined TCCA – the global organisation for all involved in critical communications. ...
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