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2018-06-09 18:00:00
US GAO calls for more regional collaboration during emergencies; CCW 2018 best yet;  TCCA ‘chief strategist’ retires;  Leading the way in public safety communications; Nokia's command and control innovation

Tetra Wednesday
30 May 2018
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TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   US GAO calls for more regional collaboration during emergencies
The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has published a study on communication across regional boundaries during emergencies, which reviews the implementation of the Post-Katrina Act's provisions related to disaster preparedness, response, and recovery....
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   CCW 2018 best yet
The year’s Critical Communications World was the most successful in the history of the event, attracting 4,500 visitors across the course of its three days according to its organisers....
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   TCCA ‘chief strategist’ retires
Vice chair of the TCCA board and chair of the TETRA Industry Group (TIG) Malcolm Quelch, has announced that he’s going to retire from the industry....
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   Nokia's command and control innovation
Nokia has launched Advanced Command Centre, a control room solution designed to facilitate public safety organisations’ increasing use of broadband data....
TCT invests more than £2m in new kit   Huawei Launches eLTE Multimedia Critical Communications System
(Advertorial) eLTE Enables Comprehensive Awareness, Multi-Service Collaboration and Dispatching Everywhere and Anywhere...
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Leading the way in public safety communications
(Advertorial) Sepura has dramatically improved the versatility of its TETRA terminals with its AppSPACE application delivery system. It makes deploying customer-specific applications straightfoward, while protecting device performance and security...
Convergence: The potential of hybrid narrowband and broadband networks
(Advertorial) Professional mobile radio (PMR) networks have been around a long time. This does not mean the technology is outdated or should be replaced in favour of mass consumer technologies like 3G and 4G LTE cellular systems – far from it...
Modernise your TETRA network for the future
(Advertorial) Operators of public safety private mobile radio systems face a complex set of challenges. These include the need to keep pace with rapid technological change, profitably grow their network’s user base, and keep their networks secure. Modernisation is key to addressing these ...
We're on the frontline of a tech revolution
(Advertorial) APD Communications is leading the critical communications community through the evolution of TETRA, LTE and cloud technologies. Managing director Mike Isherwood explains what this means for control rooms around the globe, now and into the future...
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